Kounotori Spreads its Wings and Joins the P2PB2B Exchange

KTO, also known as the stork coin continues its ascent up the cryptocharts, this time by securing a listing on upcoming crypto exchange P2PB2B.

“We’re excited to announce that this month we’ve secured a listing for Kounotori on the P2PB2B exchange. Obviously, the more accessible we can make KTO, the more value we can bring to our stork holders.” Gerion, Kounotori Project Leader.

A Legend in the Making

Kounotori, for those who haven’t heard, is an ERC-20 token named after the Oriental Stork. In Japanese culture, the stork is a symbol of good fortune. Legend has it Japanese fisherfolk would see these great birds dive into rivers only to emerge again moments later with their beaks full of treasure. The token itself was designed by its developers to be a secure fair investment. The team behind Kounotori pride themselves on being fully doxed and the token has a bunch of anti-manipulation measures baked in, including wallet and transaction caps.

Easy on the Gas

The new listing on P2PB2B gives crypto investors the opportunity to secure their own KTO nest egg and join the ever-expanding list of what the Kounotori team calls their ‘stork holders’. KTO’s listing on P2PB2B means buyers can now buy the token directly from the exchange without the need to buy ETH first or pay the associated gas fees. There will of course be transaction fees, so check the current P2PB2B terms before you buy. KTO is of course still available through Trust Wallet, MetaMask, or Coinbase wallet via Uniswap. You can find a full walk-through on their website.

The Bird is the Word

The P2PB2B listing is live now and it’s big news for the stork coin team who have been making waves this month with one update after another. The team promises more to come too, including a highly anticipated NFT collection. You can find out more about Kounotori here, and you can find their P2PB2B listing here, or follow their many social media channels.



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