Kounotori Secures Listing on Quickswap

$KTO, aka the stork coin, has landed on Quickswap. CK) is an Ethereum (ETH) token exchange powered by its own Ethereum-based token QUICK. It’s a decentralized exchange running on the Polygon Network and offers faster and often cheaper Ethereum transactions. The announcement is good news for current $KTO ‘stork holders’ as it makes the Stork coin even more accessible to traders and investors and is likely to have a positive effect on the token’s price.

We’re delighted to be listed on QuickSwap and we’re looking forward to welcoming many new stork holders into the fold. The accessibility that QuickSwap offers means there are more ways than ever for interested parties to build their own $KTO nest egg. Accessibility has always been a key part of our road map and we’ll continue to expand the availability of Kounotori. “ Gerion, Kounotori Project Leader.

Origin Story

Kounotori, if you haven’t heard, is a new ERC-20 based, hyper-inflationary token, which offers an attractive potential 8% reflection rate. The coin takes its name from the Oriental Stork, which In Japanese culture, is a symbol for good fortune. The story goes that these great birds would plunge into lakes before emerging again with beaks full of treasure. The $KTO token itself was created to function as a secure, transparent, and stable investment. For transparency, the Kounotori team are fully doxed, and the token includes a raft of anti-manipulation functions, including wallet and transaction caps.

Low on Gas

The new QuickSwap listing allows buyers to buy $KTO tokens direct from the exchange without the need to pay gas fees. $KTO is of course still available through Trust Wallet, MetaMask, or Coinbase wallet via Uniswap and you can also pick up tokens on the P2PB2B exchange. You can find more details on their, alongside full walk throughs for Uniswap and other exchange and wallet options.

Storks Ascending

The QuickSwap listing is live now and $KTO’s progress continues at speed. The developers promise more big news in the coming months, including their hotly anticipated NFT collection. You can find out more about Kounotori , or you can find the QuickSwap (QUICK) listing. The developers have also published an impressively comprehensive ‘’ and a robust road map. The P2PB2B listing is, and of course you can follow $KTO’s many social media channels.









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